farm gate openers


If you own a farm you will probably have a gate of some sort and may need to install one or more electric farm gate openers.

If you are not familiar with gate openers they are essentially an automated system that allows a gate to swing (or slide) open by use of a motor. They allow the owners to easily open the gates either remotely or through motion sensors.


Before deciding on the gate opener you wish to purchase you must first identify what type of gate it will be used to open. There are many types of automatic electric gates. (See electric gate openers also and Centurion gate openers)


They can be rustic looking, very plain or even quite decorative. The type depends very much on its intended use and the taste of the owner.  The gates can also be made from numerous types of materials including chain link, vinyl, wood, steel or aluminum, to name a few.


They can be battery or generator operated or solar powered.  To learn more about the variety of fences available, be sure to check out some of the top brands and manufacturers of gates including Elite, Centurion, Liftmaster, and Mighty Mule.


Gate kits

Once you’ve selected the exact gate you wish to install, or if you already have an existing gate, then you will be ready to select the best opener for your gate.  There are many types of gate kits.


There are single swing gate kits, dual swing kits and even sliding gate kits. Some are do-it-yourself kits and some require professional installation. Whether you are planning to install your electric opener yourself or not, you should make sure that the operators in the kit meet your gate’s specifications in terms of weight and size limits.


The bigger and heavier the gate you are looking to automate with an opener the more industrial your gate opener will need to be. All gate opener kits give specifications as to how large a gate they will support. Make sure to check these specifications.


Many gate openers can also be set to open via a remote transmitter or to auto open based on a vehicle’s proximity to the gate.  Either of these options will make your life easier as you will not have exit your card or truck or dismount from a horse in order to open the gate.


Your gate openers will automatically be triggered much like a garage door opener either by pushing the remote or by triggering a sensor when you get close enough to the gate.  No matter which electric farm gate openers you choose you will be pleased with the convenience that remote opening and closing will provide.

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