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Centurion Systems, a leading South African manufacturer of gate and access automation equipment, is the supplier of Centurion gate motors. They manufacture sliding and swing gate operators, garage door openers, traffic barriers and remote access methods.

Due to their strong focus on innovation in gate automation and access control plus their commitment to keeping families safe and secure since 1986 it is no wonder that this is a top brand in electronic security.


The company’s sliding and swing gates, as well as their traffic barriers, all work on electric motors designed to handle the specific task at hand.  The size of the gate motor will vary depending on the size and weight of the gate.(See electric gate openers also)


Their gate motors all provide back up battery power in case of a blackout and have fast open and close features while still keeping safety in mind. Their motors can work on light weight materials such as chain link metal fences or can also scale up to a heavy wrought iron fence.  The traffic barriers work with a boom pole/spring system and allow the consumer to select boom lengths ranging from three to six meters. No matter what the need there is a centurion motor to match it.


Centurion Systems also manufactures garage door operators and remote access controls. The garage door operators come in two varieties.


The tip up type allows the entire garage door to swing up and out while the roll up type uses a track to gently pull the garage door up and inward so that it is parallel to the garage ceiling. The motor size for garage door operators can vary depending on the weight of the garage door.  The remote access controls can vary from hand held remotes to keypads. They allow the consumer to remotely activate the hydraulic openers or closers on their electronic gate or garage door opener.


Centurion gate motors can be installed professionally by a number of certified and skilled Centurion professionals all over the world or you can purchase kits to install your own gate or garage door motor yourself.


If you purchase your own kit all the hardware you need to install your system is included. You will need standard tools such as a screwdriver or hammer, but the exact tools necessary will depend on the kit purchased. You can check out exactly what is needed by contacting the manufacturer or a licensed retailer. Whichever installation method you choose there is probably a Centurion product for you.

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Aluminium gates are often thought of as cost effective, but not necessarily pretty or elegant.

Most people believe that to get a truly ornamental gate they have to go with wrought iron or perhaps hand dipped steel both of which do tend to be more on the pricey side.  Nothing could be further from the truth.


Gates made of aluminum run the full gamut, from basic, tubular, barrier gates to full fledge, elegant garden or entry gates. Many people use these metal gates for their driveway, a pool entrance, their front yard walkways or for added safety and security.


It is even possible to get custom made, hand-crafted gates made from recycled materials that can fit into any surroundings or motifs.  Imagine your own personal gate decorated with flowers and hummingbirds to accent the entrance to your beautiful flower garden. (See also electric gate kits and iron garden gates)


Everyone will be amazed at its artistry and beauty. There is no reason why that gate can’t be made of aluminum while still being a marvelous piece of art. Of course, don’t forget that some handsome railings can offset a staircase leading up to your gate as well.


Just imagine that flower and hummingbird theme being infused throughout the railings as well. Not only can you have an amazingly beautiful gate, but also entire ornamental fences can be made from aluminum. The fence can surround your entire yard, your pool or just serve as a way to accent a special section of your yard.


Of course if you are looking for the more utilitarian type of a gate, aluminum is still a good option to consider. It is generally more cost effective and can provide security and ease of use.


With many do-it-yourself automation kits available it is also easy to install motors to automate your gate yourself and save even more money. Most of the automated gate kits come with a gate operator, accessories such as locks or intercoms and of course hardware and safety devices.   For a small investment you can not only have a functional (and pretty) gate, but also quickly and safely automate it for easy entry.


In closing it is easy to see why aluminum gates can be utilized for both very basic, utilitarian uses and for much more ornamental and decorative uses.  If you are planning to install a gate or fence, do not discount aluminum until you look at all the choices available.  It is very likely that there is an aluminum one that will fit your needs perfectly.

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If you own a farm you will probably have a gate of some sort and may need to install one or more electric farm gate openers.

If you are not familiar with gate openers they are essentially an automated system that allows a gate to swing (or slide) open by use of a motor. They allow the owners to easily open the gates either remotely or through motion sensors.


Before deciding on the gate opener you wish to purchase you must first identify what type of gate it will be used to open. There are many types of automatic electric gates. (See electric gate openers also and Centurion gate openers)


They can be rustic looking, very plain or even quite decorative. The type depends very much on its intended use and the taste of the owner.  The gates can also be made from numerous types of materials including chain link, vinyl, wood, steel or aluminum, to name a few.


They can be battery or generator operated or solar powered.  To learn more about the variety of fences available, be sure to check out some of the top brands and manufacturers of gates including Elite, Centurion, Liftmaster, and Mighty Mule.


Gate kits

Once you’ve selected the exact gate you wish to install, or if you already have an existing gate, then you will be ready to select the best opener for your gate.  There are many types of gate kits.


There are single swing gate kits, dual swing kits and even sliding gate kits. Some are do-it-yourself kits and some require professional installation. Whether you are planning to install your electric opener yourself or not, you should make sure that the operators in the kit meet your gate’s specifications in terms of weight and size limits.


The bigger and heavier the gate you are looking to automate with an opener the more industrial your gate opener will need to be. All gate opener kits give specifications as to how large a gate they will support. Make sure to check these specifications.


Many gate openers can also be set to open via a remote transmitter or to auto open based on a vehicle’s proximity to the gate.  Either of these options will make your life easier as you will not have exit your card or truck or dismount from a horse in order to open the gate.


Your gate openers will automatically be triggered much like a garage door opener either by pushing the remote or by triggering a sensor when you get close enough to the gate.  No matter which electric farm gate openers you choose you will be pleased with the convenience that remote opening and closing will provide.

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If you have any sort of gate whether it is for security or decoration and you want to automate it then consider purchasing some Mighty Mule gate openers.

These gate openers can be used on all types of gates whether the gates are wooden, steel, chain link, aluminum, or wrought iron.


They can be used for driveway entry gates, walk through gates, farm gates or commercial uses. For the most part, whatever your electric gate needs Mighty Mule has a product that will fulfill that need.


Mighty Mule openers come in do-it-yourself kits with everything you need to install their automatic openers yourself.  There is no need for an electrician and welding is not required.


No matter which specific product you choose the kit will come complete with an installation DVD, instruction manual, all opener parts, any required hardware and access to 24 by 7 online troubleshooting.  The kits also come with the option of making your electric gate battery or solar powered. (See also electric gate openers, electric farm gate openers and electric gate kits.


If you choose solar power then you may be eligible for a Federal Energy Efficient Tax Credit.  To see if your system qualifies, please check with a certified tax accountant.


Gate opener kit

Besides the basic gate opener kit you can also purchase many accessories that can upgrade your system in several ways.  Your kit will come with one remote gate opening transmitter, but you can purchase extras so there is one in every car you own.


You can choose from a single button transmitter or a dual button model. The dual button model allows you to open your gate and also a garage door or a second gate. There are also keypads and intercoms used for entry as well as wireless sensors that will open the gate when a car is within a certain distance of the gate.


Automatic gate locks are available as well so that your gate will lock behind you as you proceed up the driveway. For additional information on accessories please visit the Mighty Mule website.


One last key point with any electric gate openers (and closers) is safety.  There are standards set up within the industry for safety and Mighty Mule adheres to these standards.


They have sensors to detect if someone or a pet has wandered into the gate’s path as it is closing and to automatically reverse course to re-open the gate. To add to the safety features already provided remember to never climb under, over or through the gate, do not let children play around or on the gate and there should always be physical stops for the gate such as a curb or post.  In general electric gates are extremely safe.


Just use basic precautions to ensure everyone’s safety and a long life for your Mighty Mule gate openers. Our research suggests that the Chamberlain belt driven garage door opener is a better choice.

You can read our review of the Chamberlain garage door opener here.

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